Jennifer Lynn Nail and Skin Care System

Price: $48.00

The Jennifer Lynn Nail & Skin Care System is a treatment program that consists of six fine products essential to the care and development of beautiful hands, feet, and skin.

  • Hand and Body Lotion is a highly concentrated, non-greasy formula to soften and condition rough, dry skin
  • Nail Cleanser removes dirt, oil, and other residues that can prevent adhesion
  • Nail Conditioner & Polish Dryer helps develop beautiful naturally strong nails by restoring essential oils to your cuticles and nail bed; dries wet nail polish, and protects fresh polish from smearing
  • Nail Strengthener Base Coat is a treatment for normal, healthy nails specially formulated to instantly strengthen and protect your nails
  • Polish Protector Top Coat quickly seals and protects your polish from chipping or peeling
  • Jennifer Lynn Cuticle Pen quickly Moisturizes dry irritated cuticles
  • Hypo-Allergenic Formaldehyde/Toluene Free